Why Use Coconut Oil?

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Jun 23rd 2020

Why Use Coconut Oil?

My kids, Olivia and Savannah (right). The Taste-Testers!

National Coconut Day is Saturday, June 26. We all know the beneficial effects of the consumption of using oils; canola and/or vegetable oil for cooking (they contain less saturated fat than its counterpart, butter), but have you heard of the added benefits of using coconut? I’m sure many people would rather not be bothered with the hard coconut shell while trying to consume the nutritious nut, but don’t just discard the outer shell. The importance of recycling plays a major role for continued use with its shell and husks.

Organic cat litter, bio fuel, charcoal and carbon filtration are also made from the outer shell of a coconut. If that’s not enough to make you stop and think twice, “Another use for the husks is the production of coir (a natural substance, or natural fibre, inside the coconut) which manufacturers use in making mattresses, doormats, and more,” says National Day Calendar (NDC).

The interesting reuses of this source doesn’t end there. Recently, the kids and I discovered we were out of microwave popcorn. Our air popper blew a fuse as we struggled to regain our next course of action. Putting my thinking cap on, we substituted coconut oil and old-fashioned kernels on the stove-top. The experience was a delight as the kids love experiencing new activities.

The benefit of coconut (and/or coconut oil) doesn’t end there though. “Coconut is rich in fiber, Vitamin B6, iron, and minerals like magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, and zinc. The oil from coconut moisturizes our skin and also helps keep our skin clear and hair silky, too,” says NDC.

We want to continue the nutritional benefits by adding this rich fruit to our Phenomenal selection of flavors. That’s why we created Chocolate Coconut and this month’s fudge-of-the-month, Mango Coconut. We recommend refrigeration storage if the heat gets too hot. Hurry before the month ends!