In 1985 we opened a country store in Middlebury, Vermont. We focused on marketing Vermont homemade products. It wasn’t long before we were selling more of our fudge than Vermont maple syrup.

In 1996 we closed the store to focus solely on the fudge business. Over the years our market has grown substantially but our fudge has remained absolutely the same: soft, creamy and utterly phenomenal tasting. We are dedicated to providing fast, affordable and quite literally, the most phenomenal fudge you’ve ever had.

– Steve and Robin Jackson

We make fudge the way it was meant to be, soft & creamy smooth.

Dessert News & Reviews: Monthly Briefings

I hope you enjoy our monthly list of events, organizations or people to celebrate or follow. A few are funny, all are interesting and some are serious. Also, each month we will publish informative dessert or main meal recipes and reviews. Some times we will write about an ingredient we use, where it is made or grown, how it is harvested or even the ancient or modern history behind it. Whenever we learn of a modern-day chocolate convention, a big-time international business trade show or an interesting brand new dessert product in the grocery stores we will report it right here. So we hope you return each month for a look-see!

Phenomenal Fudge is a member of, or is in good standing with, the:

1. Vermont Specialty Food Association (

2. Addison County Economic Development Corporation (

3. Vermont Department of Health - (Licensed Food Processor -

4. Area Health Education Center, Massachusetts (Certificate of Allergen Awareness Training -

5. National Restaurant Association (Certificate of Achievement - ServSafe Food Handler -

6. Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets - Retail License -

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