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Buy three half-pound fudge tubs and get one more FREE!

The FREE tub is this November’s Flavor of the Month: White Chocolate Cranberry! It will be automatically added to your order.

Your free tub will not show up on your invoice as there is no charge for it. We will add it to your order prior to shipping. Thanks!

Sorry, only one free tub per order!


1. To make our fudge more firm, place the container in the freezer.

2. After an hour, run hot water over the bottom, and pop it out of the container.

3. Fudge can also be frozen for months inside a freezer bag.

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Family owned and operated in Shoreham, Vermont, we’ve been creating our homemade fudge since 1985. Over the years, our fudge has maintained a consistently soft, creamy and delectable flavor. Hence the name: Phenomenal Fudge.

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Phenomenal Fudge is a great fundraising choice for your club or organization. It’s easy to sell, 100% guaranteed, easy to store (no refrigeration needed) and the best part? You earn 40% of the sales!

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