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Strawberry-Vanilla is this month's Flavor-of-the-Month. It is a vanilla-based fudge using strawberry mash made from real strawberries. Buy any three tubs of any flavor combination and we will include a free Flavor-of-the-Month automatically.

The free tub will not be on your invoice as there is no charge for it. No promo-code is necessary. The Flavor-of-the-Month, by itself, is always on sale for $8 so you save $2.00

The best way to serve our fudge tub at a party is to first freeze it and then run hot water over the bottom for 5 seconds. Then remove the fudge by pressing it out of the bottom of the container and cut it like a pizza. However, if you are by yourself, a spoon does just fine too!

The Flavor-of-the-Month list for 2024

January - Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

February - Cherry Cheesecake

March - Chocolate Irish Cream

April - Dark Chocolate Cake

May - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

June - Strawberrry

July - 

August - 

September - 

October - 

November - 

December - 



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    Posted by Lisa on Jan 18th 2024

    You can definitely taste a cookie dough flavor, but its not a full flavor, more like a hint. But it’s very good.