2 07, 2020

Bring Out The Bomb Pops Written by Sarah V. Hayes

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Olivia and Savannah with their Bomb Pops! July’s Flavor of the Month is Summer Fireworks (Vanilla, Raspberry, Cherry, Lemon). While there will not be many Independence Day celebrations this year, due to Covid-19, celebrate at home with Bomb [...]

23 06, 2020

Why Use Coconut Oil? Written By Sarah V. Hayes

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Why Use Coconut Oil? My kids, Olivia and Savannah (right). The Taste-Testers! National Coconut Day is Saturday, June 26. We all know the beneficial effects of the consumption of using oils; canola and/or vegetable oil  for cooking (they [...]

21 06, 2020

Embrace the Cool Milkshake Written by Sarah V. Hayes

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Embrace the Cool Milkshake Written by Sarah V. Hayes Image from Shutterbug75 from Pixabay Now that summer is here in full bloom, rejoice with a milkshake (an ice-cold one too). Today, June 20th, is National Vanilla Milkshake Day. 1885 was [...]

9 06, 2020

Who’s Crazy About Peanut Butter? Written By Sarah V. Hayes

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The Grand kids, Olivia and Savannah (sitting) Everyone loves the ingredient we spread on sandwiches, along with its counterpart jelly.  This well known, famous and delicious spread that comes with multiple varieties including chunky, super chunky, smooth and [...]

31 05, 2020


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Image by Alexandr Ivanov from pixabay National Creativity Day is upon us today, May 30th so let’s celebrate it with a brand-new fudge flavor. Create your own flavor idea and send the name of it to us.  Explore your sense [...]

25 05, 2020

Where Did Your Walnut Come From? Written by Sarah V. Hayes

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Image by Pera Detlic from pixabay National Walnut Day – May 17, 2020 As we breezed through the weekend, we may have strolled past a very important day on Sunday, May 17, celebrating the one item which squirrels’ go nuts [...]

3 05, 2020

Flavor-of-the-Month for May 2020

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Image by Ben Frewin from Pixabay Flavor-of-the-Month for May 2020 Chocolate Caramel Cookie by Sarah Hayes As we begin the month of May, sweeten things up a notch with our Flavor-of-the-Month,  Chocolate Caramel Cookie! Take advantage of our latest deal: [...]

8 04, 2020

National Artichoke Hearts Day – March 16, 2020

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The artichoke is a healthy and versatile addition to many recipes and since March 16 is National Artichoke Hearts Day we shall celebrate it. It is rich in vitamin C, folate, magnesium, fiber and calcium. It is fat free and [...]