Have You Ever Seen So Much Fudge? Written By Sarah V. Hayes

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Jul 22nd 2021

Have You Ever Seen So Much Fudge? Written By Sarah V. Hayes

Image by Shannon Matthews from Pixabay

Testing your fudge IQ here: what’s the only fudge flavor made with brown sugar? And the answer is……Penuche. Of course, if you have been regularly reading my blogs, you would already know that by now!

National Penuche Fudge Day is tomorrow, Thursday July 22nd! Not providing you with ample time to prepare, simply read and take notes of this delicious delicacy.

The interesting flavor of Penuche tastes like a contrast between vanilla and maple, to some people. To others, the flavor could be the next kick-in-your-step needed to refuel those daily tasks.

Whatever the excuse needed or used, Penuche fudge sure is delicious and your tastebuds will agree. Many recipes contain the flavor, such as Pumpkin Cookies with Penuche Frosting from allrecipes or Betty’s Penuche Icing for her Applesauce Spice Cake from youtube.

What food items have you had that are flavored with Penuche? Ice cream, pudding, pie? Be sure to respond using the comment section below and be entered in our monthly drawing to receive Phenomenal Fudge’s Penuche flavor!

Most other flavors of fudge include white sugar. Due to the amount of molasses in brown sugar, the dark color and flavor includes between 3 and 7% molasses. Also, the kind of brown sugar used (light or dark) will influence the color.

Whether light or dark, some people believe the idea of Penuche fudge came from former Boston Bruin’s player Mark Penuche. In 1924, Mark had a love of maple syrup and many believe he wanted to replicate the flavor. However, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word penuche comes from the mexican-spanish word panocho, which means raw sugar.

So for your next get-together, snack, or outing, be sure to bring along some Penuche fudge and wow everyone with the amazing facts you learned. Visit our online store today and don’t forget to comment below!