Why Is Penuche So Good?

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Jul 17th 2020

Why Is Penuche So Good?

Image by Alessandro Derosso from Pixabay.com

Your trivia question for the week: What is the only flavor of fudge made with brown sugar? Before I give the answer away, I will provide a hint: This flavor comes from the italian language. The answer also happens to be a national holiday. National Penuche Fudge Day is celebrated on Wednesday 22nd.

Penuche is most often confused with Maple, due to the concentration of brown sugar. However, as Penuche is lighter in color (tannish) than traditional fudge, the flavor is one-of-a-kind. Make no mistake though: all our flavors have been tried-and-true to meet your best expectations.

We, Northerner’s, love this fudge because the flavor reminds us of our maple trees. Tourists love our fudge too, because the scents and flavors remind them of Vermont’s nostalgia.

Are travel restrictions preventing you from being a tourist during the Covid outbreak? Visit us online to sample a piece of Vermont’s nostalgia.

Why is our fudge so good? Because we have taken the time to find the exact measurement of ingredients to use. Tiny microcrystals of sugar provide fudge with a smooth texture. Once the smooth texture has been created, perfection has been formed. With the proper ingredients and timing of the mixture, the world's best fudge is produced.

But don’t ask me, I’m biased. Try an order for yourself. As the summer winds down to an end, make sure you have checked off your wish list. Have you tried all of our summer flavors offered? Order here. You will be glad you did. Don’t forget to come back. Phenomenal Fudge has a new flavor each month. You don’t want to miss out.

Want to incorporate Penuche flavor in other recipes? Try these ideas: frosting, cake, cookies, sauce, bars and glaze. Now that you have read a bit of history on Penuche fudge, you should be able to pronounce it correctly: Pe-new-chee! Enjoy!

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