What's Coffee Got To Do With It? Written By Sarah Victoria Jackson-Hayes

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Mar 2nd 2023

What's Coffee Got To Do With It? Written By Sarah Victoria Jackson-Hayes

What's the difference between mocha and chocolate? Well, first: chocolate is made from the cocoa bean, cacao. You have to combine a mixture of cocoa butter, cocoa powder, milk powder and confectioner's sugar to make milk chocolate. Mocha is a 50/50 mixture of coffee fudge and chocolate.

For dark chocolate, coconut oil, honey and vanilla extract are used. While I've never been a fan of dark chocolate, or anything consisting of dark chocolate, I am really excited to prepare my own cup of dark chocolate because its ingredients include honey.

A mocha or mocha latte is a drink made with espresso and steamed milk that’s flavored with chocolate syrup (see Mocha)." Combine the two together and you get a delicious cup-of-joe, or latte.

Tired of lining up at the drive-thru of Dunkin' or Starbuck's and wasting more money? Rather, try the K-cup alternative, invest in a brewing machine or use the above mentioned at-home recipe. These methods are cost-effective not only for your wallet (both short- and long term), but your gas tank too.

If you're not ready to try creating this wonderful, tasteful drink on your own, try our own Cappuccino fudge; it's a vanilla fudge lightly flavored with coffee. Doing so will give you a taste of what your -buds have been missing. Remember: free shipping on all fudge club orders. Enjoy our flavor-of-the-month for a limited time: Irish Coffee. Shop here and tell your friends too!