What's Better than an Ice Cream Sandwich?

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Aug 1st 2020

What's Better than an Ice Cream Sandwich?

Whether it’s called Monaco Bar, Giant Sandwich, Maxibon, Cream Between, or Vanilla Slice, one thing is for sure: it’s not summer without an Ice Cream Sandwich. August 2nd celebrates the item dessert-fans love: Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Two versions of the creation of this dessert exist: one states the inventor to be Jerry Newburg in 1945. Apparently, Newburg sold the item at the football stadium in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, home to the Pittsburgh Pirates and Steelers.

Another account claims the item was sold for a penny from the town of Bowery, New York. The treat was originally made with buttermilk biscuits on the ends, then becoming angel food and sponge cakes.

As popularity of the item increased, restaurants soon sold the item. By 1940, stores were selling the sandwiches made between crispy wafers. Now these sandwiches are being sold at ice cream stands and grocers around the world.

Today, the flavor-filling sandwiches are offered in many other varieties too, including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, Neapolitan and Oreo. Or, if you're a cake lover, I found this great recipe from Lil Luna. The amazing picture of the ice cream sandwich cake caught my attention. I shared it in the photo for this story and I think you'll agree; mouth watering desserts are too tempting. Want to be creative? How about sandwiching ice cream between chocolate fudge for the ultimate dessert? Some even sandwich the desert between cookies, much like the well-known Chester ice cream treat.

What we have in store for you this month (no, it's not an ice-cream combined with a fudge flavor....although that does sound yummy:) is a Chocolate Cookie Fudge Swirl flavor. Imagine an Oreo with chocolate fudge filling instead of the white filling and imagine a chocolate cookie instead of an Oreo. You know what? Just order here and tell me what you think!