What Was I Celebrating Again? Written by Sarah V. Hayes

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Apr 19th 2022

What Was I Celebrating Again? Written by Sarah V. Hayes

To those who have become so overwhelmed by the Easter Bunny's presence, we hope you remembered to prepare. Whether filling those baskets with fudge tins, fudge containers or let’s face it: anything fudge related, it’s important to know the significance of why and what we’re celebrating.

Easter celebrates the day Christ had risen. His death on the cross marked an unforgettable crucifixion. However, the story says He, Jesus, rose from the grave three days later.

Easter is also a time period which marks the end of one moon phase and the beginning of another moon phase.

For many other Christian churches, Easter is also the day that celebrates the end of the fasting season. See Wikipedia.

So, if you’re a Christian coming out of fasting, I bet you are hungry!

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In case you missed celebrating the huge Easter-extravaganza, do not worry. Mother’s Day is around the corner!