Warm Tea Written By Sarah V. Hayes

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Sep 17th 2022

Warm Tea Written By Sarah V. Hayes

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Just a few short weeks ago, summer was in the air, and I could feel the heat radiating upon my skin. I knew winter was on its way, however, when I recently needed to grab my hat and fleece lined jacket.

I was also reminded about the coming cold weather when I noticed that it is national chai day on September 21 (NATIONAL CHAI DAY - September 21, 2022 - National Today). I love tea and that put a spring in my step as I anticipated my return to tea-time in the fall.

Dating back to 3000 BC the drink has been popular with the addition of milk and sweeteners. “Chai reduces skin inflammation and soothe irritations resulting from conditions such as eczema or acne. It also contributes to the enhancement of blood flow around the skin and ultimately boosts its glow” (NCD).

Chai, short for “Masala chai, is a sweet Indian tea beverage with a slight hint of spiciness, traditionally consisting of aromatic spices like cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, and pepper. National Chai Day officially commenced in 2018 and is said to have been founded by Somrus, the world’s first line of Indian liquors. There are several ways to enjoy chai, including having it iced, hot, or as part of a sumptuous dish” (NCD)

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