Want This For Tomorrow? Written By Sarah V. Hayes

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Jun 1st 2022

Want This For Tomorrow? Written By Sarah V. Hayes

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This month’s winner is Jerry Kaplan who suggested the Aphasia Resource Center at Boston University Sargent College.

Now, onto the story...

Did anyone know of a National Rocky Road Day? I sure didn’t! Who would have thought that the combination of chocolate ice cream, nuts and marshmellow’s would taste so good? Apparently, William Dreyer did.

In the 1920’s, Dreyer, an ice cream maker, had an epiphany moment from his friend’s chocolate candy. His friend’s name was Joseph Edy.

Intentionally, Dreyer had done something he was told not to do. He used his wife’s scissors to cut up marshmellow’s and walnuts. He then added the mixture to chocolate ice cream and the mixture was delicious. (Phenomenal Fudge makes their fudge the exact same way:)

Interestingly enough, the two became the world beknown makers of Edy’s Ice Cream.

So there you go, the rest of the story is history as those two made, you guessed it... history. Want to read more of this fabulous story? Click HERE!

National Rocky Road Day is celebrated on June 2nd. Without much time to prepare the UPS folks to deliver in time, you can still order this fudge...and eat it too! Click HERE and be the first to say “PHENOMENAL!”