'Tis the Season for the Easter Bunny written by Sarah V.  Hayes

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Apr 4th 2022

'Tis the Season for the Easter Bunny written by Sarah V. Hayes

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Now, on to bigger and more flavorful things...

‘Tis the season for the bunny!

Chocolate fudge bunny that is!

While shopping for Easter gifts for my girls this weekend, I spotted two small chocolate bunnies; one milk chocolate and one white chocolate. I bought one of each. Even though both of my daughters dislike white chocolate, I bought a white bunny anyway because: 1. it was cute and 2. it’s the thought that counts. Although, in hindsight, I suppose I could have bought two milk chocolate bunnies and avoided a feud during the Easter basket frenzy. What was I thinking?

Well, I wasn’t thinking...obviously! But it’s the thought that counts. At least she knows I am thinking of her.

Here at Phenomenal Fudge, we’re always thinking of you! That’s why we have over 50 flavors! Because: 1. You can never have just one, 2. We don’t know what flavors you like, 3. You don’t know what flavors your special someone likes and 4: It’s always nice to share.

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