The Return of the 4B’s Written by Sarah V. Hayes

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Oct 27th 2022

The Return of the 4B’s Written by Sarah V. Hayes

At what point does it end? At what point will I be okay; when will I be able to handle these frustrations? The frustrations of getting them to the bus on-time; 4B’s including breakfast, brush hair, brush teeth, backpack with books, homework and sport stuff? The frustrations of getting their homework done, dinner fed, clothes ready for tomorrow and again, followed by the 4B’s?

The 4B’s used to have another meaning when these urchins were little: Brush teeth, brush hair, book time, bath time. Of course, this was the ritual once-upon-a-time (not to imply life was once a fairy-tale. Or was it?). Somewhere along the way, importance’s were changed as maturity developed. No longer has book-time remained an essential part of the day. So long are the reminders of brushing one’s hair, teeth and taking a bath.

Perhaps this notion, of being the perfect parent, is forced upon ourselves. We all strive to be “perfect” for our kid(s), doing the right things for them (which we believe is based upon on their wants). However, being “perfect” isn’t ideal for anyone. “Being perfect” prepares one for failure. When they eventually do “mess up,” they will not know how to properly prepare themselves (for the failed result). Let’s face it: the world is filled with many people not getting their way. Not surprisingly, many of these people resort to unhealthy behaviors. Is that what we want for our child?

As long as I get my kid out the door, on-time, I have been successful. Forget about the ideal-kid looking perfect with matching clothes and the correct shoes. Forget about the ideal-parent making it to every soccer game, PTO meeting and Scouting event. This is all so frustrating; living up to the ideal candidate of the perfect parent. I can barely stay sane driving the kids to school in the morning.

Let’s all take the time to enjoy and prepare our kiddos for what lies ahead. You don’t have to give your kid everything they want. You have to prepare your kid for loss, so they can effectively deal with themselves in a positive manner. Why not start now, at an early age? Dealing with loss promotes healthy alternatives; such as yoga, creativity and finding inner peace. Help a kid find their inner balance to achieve a healthy lifestyle.