The Mystery of What Is Behind White Chocolate?

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Nov 3rd 2020

The Mystery of What Is Behind White Chocolate?

Image by caja from Pixabay

Everyone has heard of chocolate; milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. But did you know, white chocolate isn’t even chocolate? In order to be considered chocolate, the product must contain chocolate liquor. The liquor provides the flavor and color, giving dark and milk chocolate their bittersweet tastes. Because there is not a trace of liquor in white chocolate, it also lacks the caffeine (within the milk- and dark chocolate).

So what is exactly in white chocolate? Well, because it’s not a “real” chocolate, it contains vanilla flavoring, in addition to other ingredients; including cocoa butter, milk, sugar and lecithin (a necessary fat the human body needs to survive which can also be purchased in the store…see Swanson). And because it contains cocoa butter, its shelf life is 2-5 years! Also, cocoa butter contains natural antioxidants preventing the food from spoiling. (Who likes to be rushed with eating their food anyway? A food this good shouldn’t be rushed.)

So, it appears white chocolate does have its benefits. Although, don’t just take my word for it. Special order one for yourself, and you be the one to decide. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. So what are you waiting for?

Order yours today and decide for yourself. Do you like cranberries? This month’s Flavor of the Month is White Chocolate Cranberry. Special order the flavor today before time runs out.

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