Strawberries in January?

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Jan 15th 2020

Strawberries in January?

Future Blog Writer Sarah Hayes with father/President of Phenomenal Fudge, Steve Jackson

January 15th marks National Strawberry Ice Cream Day. Being as cold as it is during the cold climates, it’s quite interesting that one would be celebrating any ice cream day, in the middle of January. Although, be that as it may, strawberry lovers everywhere are called to unite and bring back summer (just as Olaf in the movie Frozen would like you to do). Put your thinking caps on and ponder the many ways you could relish in such a moment.

The first idea that comes to mind is to huddle around a bonfire to keep warm. As Vermont has been experiencing some warm temperatures lately, don’t worry about the snow putting your fire out because there hasn’t been any (sorry Olaf:). What else makes you think of summer?

If you’re like most of the people in this country, strawberries are a sure way to embrace the warm, if not hot, season. This edible fruit can be found growing in the wild grasses of forests or fields. Although not as large as those in grocery stores, due to not being injected with chemicals or other sprays to live up to their shelf-life, their taste is still delicious. Some like to include the berries in recipes such as strawberry pie (with or without ice cream), strawberry cake and/or the liquid strawberry shake. Or, if you’re like my kids, picking them off the plant and indulging yourself in the middle of a strawberry field is surely a great way to luxuriate.