Savor the Cream Written by Sarah V. Hayes

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Mar 3rd 2022

Savor the Cream Written by Sarah V. Hayes

As we ease our way into the month of March, let's find out what’scookin’ this month!

Our monthly Fudge OfThe Month (FOTM) is Irish Cream Cheesecake which is a vanilla-based fudge made with Irish Cream and cream cheese flavorings. The mixture is swirled with chocolate fudge, dusted with cocoa power and poured on top of a graham cracker crumb bottom layer. Sounds delicious, huh?

Practically anything, or any flavor these days, can be made into a cheesecake.

So, what makes a cheesecake, a cheesecake?

Well, the kindness and love by the person making it, of course.

Speaking of kindness, here’s a story for you:

In December of last year, due to the pandemic leaving many people stranded at home, the purchase of cream cheese was on the rise. Many households were cooking at home more often.

According to a news station based in California, KCRA Channel 3, sales for Kraft (the owners of Philadelphia Cream Cheese) stated sales jumped to a record of 18% just a few months ago.

The demand of the spread wasn’t only due to households cooking more.

The company, Junior’s Cheesecake, was forced to stop production because their key ingredient, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, was hard to come by.

Recognizing the shortage and importance of their ingredient in other meals, Kraft offered its consumers $20 to spend on any dessert of their choice.

Now, if that’s not a company who cares about their consumers, I don’t know who is.

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If the world were filled more caring individuals, we would have a Phenomenal world, no pun intended!

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To read more about the news report from KCRA 3, click HERE!