Radiate Niceness Written by Sarah V. Hayes

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on May 22nd 2023

Radiate Niceness Written by Sarah V. Hayes

Ever heard of niceness radiating from people? Through all my writings, so far, I have been leaving out what matters most? We are bombarded each day of the wrong doings of our society; politically and socially. Hearing me talk about my daily life is just boring. Why not talk about, and honor those who truly deserve the attention? I’m talking about folks like Aaron Schultz, 19, and Madonna White, 67.

Schultz, a Kirkwood Community College student located in Iowa City, Iowa, was visiting the gravestone of his neighbor who deceased in 2021. While there, Schultz couldn’t help but notice the dirt, grime and wear of other headstones. Those ranging from the Civil War and other battles, for example. “They gave their lives to serve this country, and I feel that needs to be honored,” Schultz told KCRG-TV news (Readers Digest). For those gravestones belonging to civilians from an older time period, where dirt and grime is expected, he wanted to preserve their headstones to their original state.

Schultz purchased cleaning solutions used at Arlington National Cemetery and set-forth on his quest. He cleaned off headstones using scrapers to remove the mold and grime, bringing them back to their original appearance.

Schultz posted his efforts on social media and a woman named Madonna White, 67, took notice. “White has family members who served in the military,” (says Readers Digest). The two agreed about the importance of preserving the stones at the cemetery and so far, have cleaned over 100 headstones.

The pair have had great conversations while taking part in this positive action. Do you have a similar story of people pursuing similar positive actions? Please share by responding to this in my USandMOM Wordpress account!