NEED MORE THAN 1? Written by Sarah V. Hayes

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Jun 16th 2022

NEED MORE THAN 1? Written by Sarah V. Hayes

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Hi My Special Fudge Lovers! That’s right.... I mean you! Just wanted to put a reminder in your ears (rather, your eyes) and let you know you have three days until Father’s Day! What will you do?

Surprise him with a gift of his favorite flavor. Or, why not three of his favorite flavors!

Don’t forget...Father's Day is June 19!

And, in case you did forget.... Flag Day was on the 14th.So, if you know of someone who served in the military, or works as an emergency medical worker including the police, nurse, or firefighter, I hope you gave them a big hug! In case you forgot to show them your appreciation, how about giving them our Fudge Gift Tin!

What we have going on from now until June 30 is a sale on our 1.5 pound fudge tin! Our fudge tins are filled with a half-pound each of our three most popular flavors; chocolate, maple walnut and peanut butter fudge. This variety pack is available only in the round gold tin: A golden opportunity to enjoy or send 1.5 pounds of Phenomenal Fudge.

Now, onto the story...

Well, the story begins after National Fudge Day which just so happens to be today, the 16th. This isn’t really a story, more of a coincidence day that begins a few days afterward on the 18th, known as National Splurge Day.

With everything going on in our economy, it’s important to take a little splurge and make yourself happy. For example, it’s okay to eat our 1.5 pound fudge tin, over time instead of in one-sitting. It’s okay to go out to eat once every few weeks instead of every day. Take advantage of deals to get more from your money when you can and help a friend when you can!