National Chocolate Day is 10/28!

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Oct 20th 2021

National Chocolate Day is 10/28!

Halloween isn’t the only holiday worth celebrating this month. In fact, just three days prior to the candy-fest. is National Chocolate Day celebrating, you guessed it, all things chocolate. From chocolate pudding to chocolate cake, chocolate bars to chocolate ice cream, the flavor is loved around the world. Chocolate is derived from the cacao seed which is grown in Mexico, Central America and Northern South America. Chocolate has been grown and produced for over three thousand years (since 1100 B.C.). The cacao seed comes from the cacao tree which is indigenous to three territories. However, this is just a bit of infoabout the wonderful treat.

In addition to the luscious holiday, just two days after the chocolate celebration, on October 30th, the candy corn celebration begins. That’s right… in the year 1880, a man by the name of George Renninger, became responsible for inventing candy corn. Reeninger had been a long time worker of the Wunderlee Candy Company. No surprise there, but candy corn was never meant to be eaten. Surprise! “The corn is a natural sealant- rubbing a piece of the sweet between the hands will render it the same consistency as putty, which can stretch to endless length and widths to cover any gap or glue something together. Applying enough heat to the candy, stretched or stuck, will make it snap to its original shape,” says theWarehouse 13 Database.

In addition, I feel I can rest in peace now, as my personal dis-satisfication with this candy now is proven. However, when combined with the above chocolate fudge treat, the two make a satisfying pair.

For a limited time, enjoy the luscious melt-in-your-mouth creation of our vanilla fudge topped with candy corn!

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