Make Sure You Have Your Peppermint Bark

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Dec 12th 2020

Make Sure You Have Your Peppermint Bark

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

All right- all you fudge lovers out there. Time to get away from the screen (after you read this, of course) and help Santa deliver those gifts. We’re getting close to crunch time and want to ensure Santa’s reindeer will not get overworked this holiday season. That’s why we’re promising a smooth, on-time delivery for each person on your list. Beat the hustle-and-bustle by planning ahead and preparing a list for those who are dear to your heart. Celebrate National Candy Cane Day on the 26th.

That’s right…it’s not all about celebrating Christmas this month. Rather, on December 26th, people from around the world are celebrating the red-and- white striped candy sticks, known as peppermint sticks. To help you celebrate this one-of-a-kind, melt-in-your-mouth, luscious sweet treat, we have created a similar flavor. Our Peppermint Bark Fudge will make your tastebuds shout “Wow!” With an invigorating and refreshed taste, this Fudge Of The Month (FOTM) makes you feel like you just ate a candy cane. So, for those who like candy canes, celebrate by sharing (I emphasize to my kids) this FOTM with those near and far.

For Your Information (FYI):

  • 1844 was the earliest mention of a recipe for a white peppermint candy stick with colored stripes.
  • 1866 was the first documented literature containing such an item.
  • 1874 was the first mention of Christmas and Candy Canes.
  • 1882 Candy Cane’s started being hung on Christmas Trees.
  • Candy Cane’s were first introduced in the 1900’s
  • 1921 was the invention of the first machine to make Candy Canes by Brasher O. Westerfield (they were hand made to this point).
  • Guinness World Records holds the longest candy cane of 51 feet long (from Alain Roby and Pastry Chef Geneva).
  • Today’s average candy cane is 5 inches tall.

I’m not sure what hashtags are all about these days but I’m told to reference #NationalCandyCaneDay on social media. See National Day Calendar for more information.