Let's have a Jamboree!

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Feb 3rd 2022

Let's have a Jamboree!

Who is excited about February’s Fudge-of-the-Month? Cherries Jamboree Fudge! For those who think jamboree is a party or festival, join us this month as we celebrate a multitude of holidays. We have Groundhog Day on the 2nd, Valentine’s Day on the 14th and Chocolate Mint Day on the 19th, to name a few.

So, what does Cherries Jamboree taste like? 

Cherries Jamboree fudge is a vanilla-based fudge mixed with cherry flavoring, dried, tart cherries with sprinkles on top. Jamboree, by definition, is a noun meaning a large celebration or party.  It sounds like a lot to munch on but just savor a spoonful and enjoy the party in your own taste buds.  Don’t worry- you’ll get all that mmm-mmm-deliciousness!

Vanilla flavoring comes from the vanilla bean. Many folks will associate the flavor with ice cream, milk shakes and, of course, our Phenomenal Fudge. Every batch of Phenomenal Fudge is made with vanilla. 

Which brings us to the cherries. Some are tart and some are sweet and ours are just right. The cherry tree is relatively easy to grow, if you know what you're doing. Almanac.com will tell you how. 

You can purchase our Flavor-of-the-Month only during February so don't put it off. Visit our website and do some of your own picking!

Also, take advantage of our special promotional sale by becoming a member of our 3-Month Fudge Club, Save $5 from now through February 15th... which is the day after Valentine's Day...isn't it? (Hint-hint) Members will receive one tub each month for three months for only $35, regularly $40. Save $5!  You will also see the other Phenomenal Fudge clubs on sale too! And remember...shipping is included in all Phenomenal Fudge Clubs,.