It's The Effort That Counts

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Nov 25th 2022

It's The Effort That Counts

We've heard it all the time. "Nothing easy is worth doing," "Nothing done right is ever easy," "Nothing worth doing is ever easy." Hmmm…. what am I trying to say and how can I explain? How do you know if what you're doing is worth the effort? Would you just not try, not attempt, not act if there weren't at least some form of merit upon completion? Our lives would be boring if there weren't attempts made. There goes our creativity, ingenuity and ingenious attempts to discover what makes us...well, us.

People want to be us all the time, though. People from South America, Canada, Europe and Australia, to name a few. Why? Many don't have the right to explore their inner talents, aside from many other reasons. Whether the reason be to further their education, attain a job or to maintain a different lifestyle, people are flocking to the United States.

Evident is the millions of immigrants coming into our country every day (but that's another story and I won't go there). However, why don't we take the plunge, find out what makes us unique? Are we scared; do we have financial obligations and/or would we rather not "rock-the-boat" if we were sailing smoothly to begin with?

Me? I'm scared of failure. I prefer to quit while I'm ahead. The answer doesn't give me a "pass," or make me fulfilled completing my life’s quest, whatever that may be. Rather, just the opposite: I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, as the idiom suggests.

Likewise, many people feel the same. So, what your excuse? What’s your rock? And if it’s the effort that counts, if you’ll be greeted with open arms in the end regardless, why try? The answer: to make you happy, fulfilled. So what are you waiting for?