How Do You Parent?

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Nov 9th 2022

How Do You Parent?

What would you do? Would you run yourself ragged just to let them know you care? Would you drive tirelessly in your car, all over creation because the back of your mind says, ‘It’s no big deal?” How far would you go to tell your kid(s) you love them?

Now, let’s be real- I tell my kids I love them every day. They are ages 9 and 11. They run me ragged at home, in the grocery store and yes, even driving them to after school activities and their friends’ houses. I want them to be productive with their time and well-liked by their peers. (Lately, their Amazon Fire Tablet just isn’t helping.) So, yes, I may be the mom who over do’s it at times; by driving them all over creation to participate in fun activities- even if that means driving to a friend’s house three times in one hour because she (my daughter) keeps forgetting things from home in preparation of her “overnight.” (At least she is not spending all of her time on the tablet. Although perhaps she is spending her time on the tablet while I am driving all over creation. Hmmm.)

What began as a gift with daily time limits, has now become an un-necessary evil. The tablet has consumed not just her, but the little sister too. Yes, it’s true; the small, four-sided, LCD screen now holds their attention more than their dog, cat or let’s face it- anything that breathes.

So yeah, I guess I would drive them all over creation to keep them busy. It’s no big deal, some would say because at least they’re staying out of trouble. While the latter may be true, so true is the fact that they are losing quality, face-to-face time with another. As quickly as this country is evolving, from screen-time to face-time, perhaps its best to force a book in front of their face. Or better yet, bring back card games and board games to the table. Afterall, quality time is telling your kids you love them.