How are Pecans Like Heroin?

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Sep 6th 2020

How are Pecans Like Heroin?

Remember famous chocolatier Henri Le Roux? Roux was also the French pastry chef who, in 1977, created the salted caramel in Quiberon, Brittany, a region west of France. Becoming the “best confectionary of France,” he soon registered the tasty treat. Roux used the acronym CBS (caramel au beurre salé, not to be confused with the news station Columbia Broadcasting System). He soon made connections with Parisian pastry chef Pierre Hermé who introduced his novelty to other well-known chef’s. After these chefs started adding their own salt to chocolate and caramel dishes, the taste was loved by many. In 2008 Haggendaz and Starbucks started selling the flavor. Today, the flavor is used in vodka and hot chocolate drinks.

The chemistry and timing involved is what creates such a wonderful and tasty product. Having to wait for the perfect blend of coffee to roast, peanuts to boil, or fudge to mix, surely excites those eagerly waiting.

If you are waiting for your caramel to caramelize, beware that salted caramel is an extremely addictive substance. Really. Did you know that when people indulge in the food, more importantly desserts they love (meaning something sweet, salty or fatty), their “brain releases heroin-like chemicals called endogenous opioids?” says the Independent, a newspaper in the UK.

According to a study of 150 participants, “marketing analysts Dr Cammy Crolic and Professor Chris Janiszewski revealed that eating it actually causes a rare phenomenon called ‘hedonic escalation.’ Here, our instinctive brains keep craving more and more with every mouthful as it detects new flavors with each bite.”

In contrast, when people experience the ‘I’m full’ stage, and can’t eat another bite, the term is called ‘hedonic adaptation.’

To read more about hedonic escalation and adaptation click here.

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