Home Is Where Your Heart Is

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Nov 30th 2020

Home Is Where Your Heart Is

Image by falco from Pixabay

Fireplaces are now glowing, furnaces are turned on and inside temperatures have been raised. With frost forming on the window pane and a mist of haze coming from one’s breath, surely few will be embracing such weather (with shorts and sandals). Cringing at the sight of the calendar, I remind myself to “saddle up” for the long winter ahead. “The cold weather is only for six months,” I tell the kids, trying to make myself feel better for voluntarily choosing to live in this state.

“Home is where the heart is,” I have heard. So, I’m going to dress everyone in their winter parkas this season, huddle by the indoor fire, make S’mores in the microwave and think of living in the south. Because my heart is truly here. (I’m just getting tired of spending my days in front of the fire, as nice as that sounds)

Even though I have plenty of fudge, desserts and cocoa galore, the south can’t bring my family (all of them), different wardrobes for different seasons and the colors of the leaves in the fall.

What it comes down to is: Home is where your heart is.

And this time of year, unlike any other time of year, people need to send and receive love. Rather than spending the holidays traveling, many will be Facetiming via Skype, Zoom, online chats and/or Google Meet. Look at the upside though: the money you will be saving on gas, the frustration you won’t be having involved with having to organize a meal (ok, maybe that’s just me:) and let’s face it, who wants to clean their house anyway?

Furthermore, life is safer in the home than on the road. So let someone else do the driving, put your love in a box, bar or tin of fudge and warm someone’s heart. Phenomenal Fudge has great gift ideas, including Christmas Tree Fudge Tins for the holidays. Don’t wait to cross those names off your list. Everyone has been nice in St. Nick’s mind.

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