Have you had your s’more yet?

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Aug 11th 2020

Have you had your s’more yet?

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

With the heat of the summer, no doubt I’m ready for the cool weather to begin and the bonfire to burn. Roasting my favorite campfire treat and telling my kids spooky stories, surely will make these nights unforgettable . Speaking of stories and activities to look forward to this month, it happened to be National S’Mores Day yesterday, August 10th. So I hope you gathered the sticks, rubbish, leaves and other garbage you have collected this summer and had a neighborhood social-distancing party. I hope you roasted those marshmallows so you could, of course, have those sticky, gooey, yummy, edible, pleasurable treats known as S’Mores.

We can thank the Girl Scouts for this yummy delight. This first, written publication of the recipe was found in a 1927 magazine of Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts. While the Girl Scouts were not the first ones to make this treat, they were the first ones to record it. The Girl Scouts also mention making s’mores in other publications as early as 1925.

Apparently, the creator happens to be a gentleman named Alec Barnum. According to Quora.com, the man changed his name several times. Born Nathanial Ayers, he wanted to escape his identity because of his abusive father. At age 11, he became John C. Wilkons. Living through life as a pick-pocketer, then having an idea that changed the world today (a bonfire treat adored by millions), soon escalated him into our encyclopedias. Living life making millions (of dollars) soon came to a halt as the Great Depression approached.

Creditors were soon after him and more identity changes resulted. The names Rose Weber, Loretta Scott Crew and Clarice Nelms were used as pseudonyms. Decades had passed and it wasn’t until he was on his death bed in Mexico at age 87, he revealed his true name as Jesus Chaves.

So, back to the story:

Some recipes used the name “Some Mores.” The more common name used today is “S’Mores.” The date is unknown when the name was changed.

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