Have You Been Romantic This Month?

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Apr 29th 2020

Have You Been Romantic This Month?

Image by Pixabay

We’re getting to the end of the month and, you know what that means. No, it’s not the excitement of the kids going back to school (while that may be true for many). This month celebrates Romance Awareness Month.

For those who may have missed their scheduled date-night, or the realization that August is Romance Awareness Month, there is still time to make-up for missed romantic-gestures. Think of the simple ways you can be romantic; instead of dinner out on-the-town, how about a meal you make together? Or, if neither of you are kitchen-savvy, including myself, how about just enjoying the ambiance of being together? Enjoy take-out food, a movie at home with popcorn, a walk together. Finally, to spice things up a notch, hand them their favorite flavor of Phenomenal Fudge’s finest. Surely, fudge will make them melt!

Be creative but be yourself. Go to the extremes if you want to but remember: doing the little things make a big difference. Holding hands, hugs and kisses, compliments and notes go a long way. So, what are you waiting for? The right opportunity may never come.

Created by founder and president, Eileen Buchheim, Romance Awareness Month has existed since 1987. Creating Memories has been her business and the focus has been to not only rekindle love which may be lost, but to remind those in relationships of the love they share. According to News and Record, an online newspaper located in Greensboro, North Carolina, 92% of 1,000 men and women state the most romantic gift is a shared experience.

Valentine’s Day is a long way to wait for someone to know they're special. And let's face it: every day is a great day to let every woman know you appreciate them. So choose their, your, his or her favorite flavor and let the sharing begin!