Happy Mint Day! What?

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Feb 16th 2022

Happy Mint Day! What?

Aside from Valentine’s Day, and of course the Super bowl, which we recently celebrated, let's not overlook the importance of this Saturday, February 19th- National Chocolate Mint Day.

While the time is due to order your Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies, don’t forget about how far civilization has come.

Since the early 1900’s, the Aztecs and Mayans used chocolate for medicinal purposes only. They (Aztecs and Mayans) didn’t have the many selections of chocolate available we do now, such as milk, dark and white chocolate. They only had dark chocolate.

The addition of spices over the years made the taste more pleasing. Of course, the advent of sugar soon allowed for many other different types of chocolate to be made.

Want to try some Mint Frosting for Chocolate Cake? Check out this recipe from the folks atNational Calendar.

Want to try some of our delicious Chocolate Chips and Mint Fudge? Look no further thanhere.

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Chocolate Mint FAQ

Q. What kind of mint is used in chocolate?

A. Spearmint is the most commonly used mint in chocolate recipes. However, peppermint is also used.

Q. What are other uses for mint?

A. Like chocolate, mint can also be made into a beverage. In this case, mint is steeped into a tea. It is known for its calming effect on upset stomachs. Mint can also be added to lotions or topical creams providing a cooling effect on the skin. It can be added to savory sauces.

Q. What other plants are in the mint family?

A. Mint is a part of the Lamiaceae family. Some other plants included in the family are:

  • rosemary
  • lavender
  • hyssop
  • basil
  • thyme
  • catnip