Happy May Day! Written By Sarah V. Hayes

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Apr 29th 2022

Happy May Day! Written By Sarah V. Hayes

Happy May Day! I actually just thought of this special day and, unbeknownst to me, upon much research, the special holiday actually exists.

Before I begin, it's important to know that many of the stories of the Celtic are based on myths, legends and fairytales. Some historians agree with such folktales. What do you say? Do you agree or disagree?

Obtaining ties with the Celtic religion, May Day traditions and festivities were celebrated as far back as 500BC and 500AD. The Celtic religion is referred to as Celtic Paganism.

In addition, the Celts have been known to produce exquisite artwork. Based on their metal work, gemstones, gold and silver, their work has been featured in museums across Europe and North America.

Celtics, “a collection of tribes with origins in central Europe that shared a similar language, religious beliefs, traditions and culture. The Celts believed in life after death and would often perform duties involving the dead, such as burying things for them." See Celts.

In Ireland, where the Celts originated, the year was divided in half; into two six-month periods. Certain feasts were to be had during these periods.

The common belief of the Irish was that there was another world; where there was no sickness or death. This otherworld was known to Celtics as the, “Land of the Living,” or “Land of the Young,” and “Delightful Plain.” Death and old age didn’t exist in this other land. This special place was where happiness lasted forever, they believed.

Well, fast-forward to our Phenomenal world, in 2022, where true happiness does exist and can last indefinitely!

When you sink your teeth into our goodness, heaven never tasted so good!


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