Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on May 31st 2020


Image by Alexandr Ivanov from pixabay

National Creativity Day is upon us today, May 30th so let’s celebrate it with a brand-new fudge flavor. Create your own flavor idea and send the name of it to us. Explore your sense of creativity by utilizing our many choices of toppings and flavors. We’ll try and replicate it to produce an award-winning flavor. One lucky winner will be selected to receive a free tub of their creative flavor plus June’s Flavor-of-the-Month, Mango Coconut.

National Creativity Day was founded by Hal Croasmun and the promoters of ScreenwritingU, an online program dedicated towards helping writers, more specifically screenwriters, to improve their inner creativity at writing.

All work requires inner creativity, from fudge makers to web designers, writers to painters, teachers to principals and everyone in between; every job and everyone requires the need to be creative. With a bit of thought, using the intelligence within us, we can reach our highest potential. With some help from you, let's strive to fuel your inner cravings for a Phenomenal Fudge “First Time” flavor.

However, while undergoing our challenge, you can also fuel others’ creative talents as well. Begin by purchasing artwork, buying music you love and sharing websites on social media (don’t forget to hashtag with #NationalCreativityDay).

Perhaps you can share a video of your favorite new and creative musical band and encourage others to do the same. Most everyone likes to be noticed and will be grateful for the appreciation. They might even return the favor.

Most importantly, speaking of being creative, why not stand out from the crowd and try our Chocolate Stout or Rum Raisin fudge? Have you ever tasted our Chocolate Bourbon or Kahlua fudge? Penuchi Walnut? Cappuccino, Vanilla Chardonnay or Vanilla Hard Cider?

Lastly, does English Toffee or Irish Cream spark your interest? Someone had to be creative to think of these. Try them! They might just be your new favorite! And don’t forget to invent a new flavor for us to feature. Remember the winning entry gets a free half-pound tub along with a free Flavor-or-the-Month too! The contest ends midnight June 15. Send your suggestion to us at info@pfudge.com.