From Epsicle to to Popsicle Written By Sarah V Hayes

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Aug 15th 2021

From Epsicle to to Popsicle Written By Sarah V Hayes

Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Wouldn’t you believe it but I missed the important day again- YESTERDAY, AUGUST 14TH! National Creamsicle Day!

Of course, anyone who has kids can attest to the fact that their summer life has been crazy. Including mine, which has been packed with activities, events, lessons and camps for the kids. But what about ME? YOU? And OUR OTHER HALF?

Before you get too excited, due to anticipation of a “normal” school day returning this fall, what if I told you it is perfectly normal to let your kids be bored? Not only is this kind of normalcy allowed, but preferred by many.

Including the parents of 11 year-old Frank Epperson. Being bored on a typical summer day, Epperson decided to experiment with powdered soda. Unlike me, who aims to have the dishes cleaned at the end of the day, neither Frank or his parents had cleaned after his experiment. Leaving the stirring stick in the soda overnight. Not knowing the temperature was going to plummet that night, Frank had awoken to find the liquid frozen on the stick!

Apparently, the creation was delicious as Frank sampled the substance and named it Epsicle. Later, Epperson had changed the name to what people around the world love today, known as Popsicle.

While popsicles today come in many different sizes and flavors, orange was the original flavor.

“‘Creamsicle is the brand name of an ice cream treat. It consists of vanilla ice cream on a Popsicle stick with an outer coating of sherbert. While many other flavors now exist, the original flavor was orange,” says NDC.

Speaking of Creamsicle, if you haven’t had yours yet, remember to do so today! Although, because the flavor Creamsicle is copyrighted, we needed to call our version Orange Sherbet. So what are you waiting for? Summer is running out with limited time left to do all things YOU wanted to do. Special order Phenomenal Fudge’s Orange Sherbet Fudge here and remember our monthly deal of Buy 3 Get 1 FREE (for you and yours)!