Fear Of Missing Out Written (FOMO)

Posted by By Sarah V. Hayes on Dec 21st 2020

Fear Of Missing Out Written (FOMO)

Photo: Olivia and Savannah Don’t Have Fear

What is a mom to do to keep her kids occupied? “Color, read, paint, play, go outside for goodness sake?” you say. “Well, I can’t do that,” you say. “Surely, there must be something I’m missing out on.” It’s called Fear Of Missing Out, or FOMO, and the term occurs to more people than you may think.

Maybe being a Mom leaves some with FOMO thoughts. Or maybe, you’re not a Mom at all and you just hate missing out on what other people are doing- it’s just who you are. Personally, I like to get out of the house, quite contrary to my August 24th post titled, “Home Is A Good Thing.” While the later may be true sometimes, I’d rather go places to keep my kids occupied (to the store, around the block, wherever).

I’d rather spend my tiring, relentless, overworked, redundant, exhausting time (as a parent), sitting down- in the heated-seat of my car, that is. That’s why I’m happy to drive my little monkeys around creation. “Pack the fudge, drinks, activities and whatever else needed. We’re going on a road trip. I don’t know where but I’m choosing not to witness the alternative, which usually involves arguing or a debate over whose turn it is to talk. I just can’t be in two worlds at once (theirs and mine). I can’t attempt to organize your chaos and/or discipline while dealing with my own issues, as I have a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), remember? Doing so would take me out-of-the-moment, which might be a good thing, you say.” Rather, quite the contrary.

But just so you know, kids, embrace this time in the car. It’s only a matter of minutes before chatter begins, fingers start pointing, tears start flowing and voices begin to escalate, including mine. Appreciate this calming, before the storm. For I feel like a volcano waiting to erupt.

But this is a story about FOMO… not my TBI or your TBI or being a Mom or having serious mood disorders or whatever else stands in one’s way. With the help of social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagrm and Tumblr, to name a few (courtesy of South Engine Journal or SEJ), I can now put them in front of the screen for unlimited hours without hearing a peep out of them. A good thing, some would say. Thanks to these programs, though, my kids can now grow up without knowing how to effectively deal with their emotions. Or others’ for that matter. A good thing? I’m having second thoughts.

However, display your outings, trips, vacations, holidays and local events. Surely the world wants to know and others don’t want to feel left out. I appreciate the ideas of places we can go, I really do. But I should now take-it-like-a-grain-of-salt, because I suffer from Fear Of Missing Out. I will play with my kids and I will let them see how I effectively deal with my stress and chaos. Doing so will teach them to effectively deal with theirs. I may run myself ragged, while traveling all over creation, but with a little help from Phenomenal Fudge, I am dealing with my duties of being a Mom.

With Christmas arriving next week, surely Covid-rules and regulations won’t stop everyone. Order some Phenomenal Fudge gifts, (our special flavor this month is Peppermint Bark) and keep those kiddos busy in the back-seat while enjoying a moment of silence. You deserve it!