Embrace the Cool Milkshake

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Jun 21st 2020

Embrace the Cool Milkshake

Image from Shutterbug75 from Pixabay

Now that summer is here in full bloom, rejoice with a milkshake (an ice-cold one too). Today, June 20th, is National Vanilla Milkshake Day. 1885 was the first milkshake invented. Surprisingly, this dessert wasn’t intended for kids. Containing whiskey and eggs, this drink was more a tonic beverage than a treat for the youngins. “By 1900, the whiskey and eggs were out, and the term “milkshake” referred to “wholesome drinks made with chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla syrups,”* says the author at thenibble.com.

Thanks to a worker at Walgreens, in 1922 Ivan “Pop” Coulsan added two scoops of ice cream to malted (milk, chocolate syrup and malt) milk. Skyrocketing to popularity overnight, by 1930 a maltless milkshake was born. Created using just milk and ice cream, the two. While the maltless milkshake was preferred, business owners and people around the country came up with their own name.

Referred to as frappes in Massachusetts while Rhode Island calls them cabinets (referring to the freezer cabinet from which the ice cream was made), the milkshake recipe soon spread across the country. St. Louis invented a milkshake called Concrete, referring to its thickness; “so thick that it was handed out the order window upside down for a wow factor.”*

The author of the thenibble.com would be surprised to hear of another wow factor. How about serving the treat with a side of its counterpart, vanilla fudge from Phenomenal Fudge? Top it off with a cherry and a glass of wine.Take your shoes off and unwind with this simple pleasure. We want to make this summer one you will not forget. Make home and yourself comfortable by celebrating National Milkshake Day next Friday. Order it here before it’s too late.

*Read more at: https://blog.thenibble.com/2011/09/12/food-holiday-national-chocolate-milkshake-day/