Daiquiri, Cuba or Strawberry Daiquiri? Written by Sarah V. Hayes

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Jun 28th 2022

Daiquiri, Cuba or Strawberry Daiquiri? Written by Sarah V. Hayes

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Today’s story begins on July 19th, all the way back in the year 1898. During the Spanish-American War, men were working in the mines off the coast of Cuba. At the end of their work day, many would gather at a local bar in the town of Daquiri. An American engineer, Jennings Cox, mixed up Bacardi, lime and sugar in a glass of ice. The drink soon became popular and he named it after the Daiquiri mines they had been working in. At some point, shaved ice, lemons and limes were added to the mixture.

A U.S. Navy Medical Officer, Admiral Lucius W. Johnson, tried the drink in 1909. After being in awe of the phenomenal taste, he introduced it to the Army and Navy Club of Washington, D.C. This Daiquiri became one of the most loved drinks by writer Ernest Hemingway and President John F. Kennedy.

Now there’s some food for thought!

Now you know a bit of history for July 19th!

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