Celebrating the Irish in September

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Sep 15th 2020

Celebrating the Irish in September

Image by Lisa Larse from Pixabay

Bennigan’s, a world renown restaurant for over forty years, specializing in Irish food and hospitality, created this weeks National Monte Cristo Day. With locations around the world, from the United States to Mexico, Turkey to Iran, this restaurant doesn’t want to leave anyone unnoticed. With online ordering to cater to neighboring countries and states in between, surely you will want to try Bennigan’s. On Thursday, September 17, celebrate your Irish pride with our Irish Cream fudge.

Unbeknownst to me, the world “Monte Cristo” is the name of a fried ham-and-cheese sandwich dipped in egg batter. The sandwich is then either pan- or deep fried. Having originated in a cafe in Paris in the year 1910, it wasn’t until 1950 the Monte Cristo was served.

Apparently, the French who invented this delicious dish knew what they were doing. Inspired by the Croque-Monsieur sandwich, the Monte Cristo is loved by many. This delicious creation is also known as a French Toasted Cheese, Toasted Ham or French Sandwich. Apparently, much to my surprise, I’ve been eating my favorite sandwich, the Monte Cristo, for years.

Want to spruce up your meal with a little creativity? Try powdered sugar or jam within this sandwich. To achieve a chefs’ personal-best, dip the sandwich in egg batter before frying. Include turkey and different variations of cheeses. Enjoy open-faced or prepared under a grill or broiler. The choices are endless.

If you have had Bennigan’s food, write in and let us know about your experience. Maybe the restaurants could be suited with Phenomenal Fudge for dessert. After all, from one kitchen to the other, surely Phenomenal dishes are created (no pun intended:) If you have a Benningan’s in your area, put in a good word for us at Phenomenal Fudge!

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