Bring Out The Bomb Pops

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Jul 2nd 2020

Bring Out The Bomb Pops

July’s Flavor of the Month is Summer Fireworks (Vanilla, Raspberry, Cherry, Lemon). While there will not be many Independence Day celebrations this year, due to Covid-19, celebrate at home with Bomb Pops and, of course, our Summer Fireworks fudge. While the heat may get to some people, my kids will be enjoying this holiday while playing in the pool and enjoying yummy Bomb Pops with Summer Fireworks. Don’t let the heat get you down. Instead, think of all the ways you can celebrate this holiday while being patriotic at home.

Rather than partake in a parade celebration, create your own line-up of foods honoring red, white and blue. Hard-boil those eggs, take out the food coloring and dye with appreciation (no pun intended:)! Finally have that bonfire with red- and blue dyed and white marshmallows. Enjoy some red

tomatoes, red peppers, egg white’s (known as Albumen, meaning a kind of protein that doesn’t appear white until beaten or cooked)” and dye your milk blue with plastic blue forks.

Olivia and Savannah had some great ideas too: Enjoy Dunkin’ Donuts sprinkled with red, white and blue on top (they make these especially for the holiday). Finish the day with a strawberry fruit smoothie with blueberries on top covered with white coconut shavings. What other great ideas do you have? Share with us by responding below (on the blog site) and you may be the lucky winner to receive a free ½ pound tub of Summer Fireworks!

So instead of being blue for the holiday weekend raise a flag in one hand to salute those who served their country and hold up some Summer Fireworks fudge in the other hand to celebrate! God Bless the good ol’ USA! Order by shopping at

Photo: Olivia and Savannah with their Bomb Pops!