Chocolate Amaretto Fudge

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We make our chocolate amaretto fudge with real amaretto liqueur. First, the liqueur is mixed into our sweet vanilla fudge and then it is swirled with chocolate. The blend is 80% amaretto and 20% chocolate.

Amaretto is an almond-flavored liqueur that Italian distilleries make using apricot pits or almonds. I enjoy making the chocolate amaretto fudge as I often have a few shots of amaretto left over to mix with dessert recipes for cookies, pancakes and, especially, tiramisu.

You can make your own amaretto liqueur. It’s easy and only takes 30 minutes or so. Consider including this fancy fudge flavor in a selection of our gift boxes. Combine it with a few of our other “spirited” flavors like Irish Cream, Chocolate Bourbon and Chocolate Stout.

However, eating the amaretto will not get you tipsy, just eager for another spoonful.

Chocolate amaretto in a 1/2 pound resealable tub.

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