Black and White Fudge

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My favorite summertime treat is the combination of soft-serve chocolate and vanilla ice cream. However, we make the same flavor combination and call it Black and White Fudge. That tastes great too! Both flavors are mixed together in our handy reusable tub.

Our fudge won’t melt like the ice cream. You also don’t have to eat it all at once. Enjoy a few spoonfuls today and have some more next week. An added benefit: Our fudge is much easier to share than ice cream.

This flavor looks real nice in one of our Round Gift Tins with the swirls spinning out from the center.

Have you recently tried making your own ice cream? It’s not that difficult and it’s lots of fun…once!

Black and White Fudge in a 1/2 lb resealable tub.

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