Pistachio Walnut Fudge

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We use lots of crispy California walnuts in our Pistachio Walnut Fudge to give a noticeable crunch with every bite. The pistachio flavor is quite unique and blends beautifully with our vanilla fudge. Pistachios aficionados absolutely love this combination too.

We’re sorry, but we do not use pistachio nuts as they are too hard to crack and too costly to buy already shelled.

When we make the One-Pound Gift Tin of Pistachio Walnut Fudge we spread the walnut halves all around the edge. Of course, we mix in many more walnut pieces throughout the fudge!

Pistachio trees are considered fruit trees and require lots of patience and care for the first few years. Learn more about growing some in your own backyard.

Pistachio Walnut Fudge in a 1/2 pound resealable tub.

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