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"My Success" - My Phenomenal Plan

Posted by Sarah V. Jackson on

The key to my success, to keep my sanity, and to keep each day running smoothly is to keep everyone/everything (animals included) happy. I am not a mother who has figured-it-out. I am simply a mother-in-training who hopes to, one day, "figure it out", sooner rather than later. Until that moment arises (I’m not crossing my fingers), I will share what has worked for me.

In a previous blog, I explained briefly that I have a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), making my already chaotic life, ultra-chaotic. However, at the end of each day, I’m even more grateful that I have accomplished such tasks not only as a parent (a tough job), but also as a TBI survivor (a daunting struggle).

All parents must know, the key to raising crazy, rug rat, rag a-muffin kid’s is to keep them busy. The same is true with raising a puppy. While I am trying to keep the girls content (without arguing, crying and/or complaining), I must do the same for our four-legged creature (Lucy) as well. Whenever I begin to think I was crazy for getting a dog in the first place, a voice in the back of my head reminds me that the puppy-phase will soon pass. I simply need to re-adjust, try another tactic and figure-it-out to calmly return to my once stress-free life. 

By using the following tactics, my life is made easier by eliminating the problem of animal-boredom. I simply throw the dog a bone (smeared with peanut butter), a carrot, an ice cube, or an empty soda bottle with dry dog food pieces inside. As the puppy is now entertaining herself, I can catch my breath, relax my shoulders and focus more importantly on the girls, or even better, myself.

Another important key to my success as a Mom is waking up early, before the kids and before the sun gleams through my window, disrupting my sleep making it difficult to catch a moment longer of lingered snooze-time. Going for a morning jog (with Lucy), stretching (yoga), and writing while the house is still in slumber, is my way of greeting the day. Bringing Lucy along for company in the morning has a three-fold benefit. Not only is she a puppy with lots of energy to expel, we both get exercise and I get a moment of clarity before the rush of excitement to accomplish my to-do list begins, which is never easy might I add.

For me to live with a TBI; the utmost, important, necessary and most vital requirement is to establish a daily-routine. With school in summer recess, and the girls being home each day, the routine, however,  is almost impossible to continue with. 

Just as I think my life is difficult though, my neighbor’s daughter came home with her two kids to visit, along with their new puppy. Her kids are ages 10 and 13. Her kids and puppy are not the issue. She has Muscular Dystrophy (MD).

I cringe to watch her go through her daily ordeals as it looks like a painful process, and I’m just the neighbor who doesn’t see what goes on behind closed doors. Instead, I hear her yell to control her kids and puppy (as do I), fall to the pavement as her legs give out from underneath her while she endures strenuous steps up her parent’s walkway. Just when I begin to think my life couldn’t be crazier, I am reminded that life (for anyone) could always be more difficult.

Though I’m not an expert, the key to solving any situation, or getting through any ordeal, is to figure out the problem first, and do what works for you to successfully complete the task at hand. No matter what accompanies your hectic life: kids, animals, disabilities, etc., we do the best we can to make it through the end of each day. Even if your wind-down time entails sitting outside for a moment to collect your thoughts, it is important to carve out time for one’s self. 

Soon enough, with many of the same repetitive processes being done, one will finally figure-it-out. I just hope I’m still alive to celebrate such success!


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