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Reader's Advice: How to Raise a Phenomenal Kid

Posted by Sarah V. Jackson on


I start this blog by asking for your advice and opinion. My neighbors will not let their child be friends with the child my other neighbor. The children’s ages are 11 and 12. The neighbor on my left is Rachel, age 11, and the one on my right is Sally, age 12. Rachel’s parents claim Sally is a bad influence. I know nothing of a sort and enjoy watching the kids play in the neighborhood. 

Seeing kids play, having fun and laughing while enjoying their youthful days brings happy memories to mind as well as life to our neighborhood. When Rachel sees my girls playing with Sally, she looks rather jealous and I can’t help but feel sorry for her, as she wants to play with us but can’t per her parents’ orders.

Is it up to the parents to decide who can be friends with our kids? Don’t we want our kids to meet others from all walks of life; to experience diversity? Isn’t our job to teach our kids to think for themselves, while instilling responsibility, safety and healthy choices?

Maybe Rachel’s parents know something about Sally I don’t. Or perhaps they are trusting their gut-instinct about Sally, which may or may not be true. Similarly, it’s as if they are judging a book by the cover which is not a positive attribute to display, especially when raising a youngster.

What’s your insight to this situation? Would you ban your child from hanging out with another?


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