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Give a Phenomenal Gift

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We don't need to tell you that our fudge makes a great gift. Check out our gift packs and specialty gift tins for the perfect presentation to a delicious holiday season. Choose up to four flavors of fudge for each gift pack and up to three flavors for the gift tins. Happy Holidays!

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Phenomenal Volunteering ( or is it?)

Perhaps becoming a mom has made me more efficient with my time. I am more productive with my time (or lack thereof) when it is given to me. However, I feel like a robot when the girls are at school, using the allotted time wisely getting my chores done. I begin to ask myself, “Do [...]

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A Phenomenal Catastrophe

Two kids + a puppy + a cat in an 800 square-foot house = a recipe for disaster or a chaotic catastrophe. I think back to the movie with Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt in Cheaper By The Dozen, the characters of which have lots of kids (12). In a scene which shows how the [...]

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November Flavor of the Month is...

White Chocolate Cranberry! Enjoy a creamy vanilla fudge blended with dried cranberries and topped with white chocolate chips.This is a deliciously decadent dessert for the beginning of the holiday season. Grab some for yourself or stock up on presents for your loved ones. Click here to buy.

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Kids and Sports: Pursuing Phenomenal

An issue which has been somewhat bothersome lately is kids and sports. The decision of whether to enroll your youngster in extracurricular activities, more specifically sports, is both time consuming and an expense.Interaction between child and adult is limited with school being seven hours a day. Add extracurricular activities to the school day, chores [...]

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October Flavor of the Month: Chocolate Caramel Cookie

Do you like candy bars? Try out our Chocolate Caramel Cookie fudge inspired by Twix candy bars.This is a deluxe, delicious way to get your fudge fix with a candy bar remix!Click here to treat yourself!

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Morals part 2: Phenomenal Parents

After returning the JRT to its home, I returned to my home and continued with my morning routine; getting the girls’ cereal, teeth brushed, dressed, putting snacks in their backpacks and making their hair look nice. I was feeling proud of myself not only for staying sane through this morning production but for completing it [...]

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Moral/Phenomenal Behaviors

I awoke feeling pretty good about myself and knew I was going to have a great day. I had awoken early (at my usual time), before the kids and, just as the sun was making its appearance for the day. I began with my daily stretching routine. With muscles awakening from a (so-called) night of [...]

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Reader's Advice: How to Raise a Phenomenal Kid

10SEPI start this blog by asking for your advice and opinion. My neighbors will not let their child be friends with the child my other neighbor. The children’s ages are 11 and 12. The neighbor on my left is Rachel, age 11, and the one on my right is Sally, age 12. Rachel’s parents claim [...]

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Television is my Savior: Phenomenal Moms

Wow. August has come and gone, the thrill of summer has vanished and I’ve been caught up in my own life to keep up with my weekly postings. Although, I must say, it is easy to blame the kids for reasons why I have not kept timely posts; none, in fact, since July. Yes, I [...]

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