win a year of fudge

Win a Year’s Worth of Fudge!

What is the best thing that could possibly happen to a fudge lover? If you’re thinking it’s winning a year’s worth of fudge, we’re on the same page. What!!! That’s right! You have a chance to win a YEAR OF FUDGE. (This equates to 4 half-pound tubs a month)

Our breakdown of a “year’s worth of fudge” means about 1 fudge tub (half-pound) a week or 4 tubs a month. Four tubs a month for over twelve months is 48 TUBS OF FUDGE! You heard right, our lucky winner will get 48 tubs of fudge in whatever flavor they desire.

How to Enter

I know, I know, you’re wondering how can you enter? It’s simple! Just make a purchase, of any size, shape, or flavor. (Order must be placed before December 30th, 2018.)

Our Three Flavor Gift Tin (filled with delicious Chocolate, Maple Walnut, and Peanut Butter Fudge) is a great gift for anyone on your holiday list who enjoys the sweeter things in life.

If you’re looking for something new, try any of our 40+ flavors in our smaller half-pound tubs for only $8 plus shipping. (Limited edition flavors are $9)

The winner will be randomly selected and announced January.


The winner receives 4 half-pound tubs each month in 2019 in any flavor combination of their choice. FREE shipping within the continental USA is included. The total value is worth about $500. You must place your order before 12/30/18 to be eligible

Fudge of the Month

Our last limited edition flavor of 2018 is Spice Cake! Enjoy vanilla fudge infused with aromatic spices and topped with a whisper of light lemony fudge.

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December fudge of the month Spice Cake