Art Outside

Calling All Parents! As we gear up for school to, hopefully, begin at the end of the month, many parents are worried, including me. Not worried of whether or not their child will get Covid, but worried school will be cancelled before it even starts. As some schools have already cancelled classes for the upcoming fall season, many parents fear their child’s school could be next. In anticipation of most parent’s fear’s, rest-assured: I’ve got you covered.

I’ve had all summer to gear up for the unexpected. Rather than day camps; sports camps, arts and crafts camps this summer, our family has opted (or been forced) to choose the cheaper alternative. While mask-wearing and social distancing doesn’t bother us, raiding Michael’s and  JoAnne’s for art supplies is an option. Completing the activities in the shade of a willow tree surely will bring out their artistic-sense. Finishing the day with a drive to a swimming hole, fishing lake, hiking path or an ice cream stand will keep their minds at bay.

As this summer has forced many parents to be creative, most are exhausted and ready for school to begin. However, in the event school is closed and home-schooling is necessary, rest-assured again: I’ve got you covered.

Sunday, August 16th is National Rum Day! 

Rum is primarily made of sugar as it is a byproduct of sugar production, says the National Day Calendar (NDC). Rum can also be made from sugar cane juice. NDC also states that “In the West Indies during the 1600s, large plantations grew sugar cane. When they extracted the sugar, they created a by-product called molasses. For years, the molasses was a waste product until it was discovered it could be distilled – into rum.Then, rum became not only a commodity for trade but also a ration on the ships delivering the product. Even in the modern Royal Navy, British sailors received an allotment of rum until 1970.”

Due to the substance being a clear color, the kids won’t even know you’re drinking an alcoholic beverage:) So stock up now and special order our  Chocolate Rum Raisin fudge as a side-dish…because we all know you deserve it!