Time to Shake ‘Em Up!!

Cheers to all of the milkshake lovers out there because this coming week 

marks the celebration of National Chocolate Milkshake day on September 



In 1885, this drink was known as an alcoholic drink which was commonly a 

mixture of eggs, whiskey and other ingredients served at pharmacies. 

Later on, milkshakes became known as “wholesome drinks made with 

chocolate, vanilla and strawberry syrup,” as reported by the National 

Day Calendar. In 1911, drink mixers began to be added to soda fountains 

and in 1922 the  electric blender was invented. With the advent of the 

blender, the word, “Milkshake” was born. By the 1930’s the milkshake 

became popular in shops all across the country.


As the 12th comes upon us next Thursday, remember to get your chocolate 

milkshake at your favorite malt shop or dairy barn. You can also make a 

chocolate milkshake at home instead. It’s easy. My family is always 

looking for an excuse to enjoy the malted beverage and this week’s 

holiday is the perfect day to do so.


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too! Phenomenal Fudge’s milk chocolate fudge is made with real cream and 

butter. While it’s not as chocolaty as our regular chocolate or dark 

chocolate fudge it has a more sweet “milky” taste instead.


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