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The cool fall and cold winter seasons are right around the corner and what could be more
heavenly than a creamy, hot cup of cappuccino in the morning? National Cappuccino Day is
November 8 and those of us living in the northern parts of the U.S. like to start each morning
with a nice cup of joe (aka coffee or, in this case, cappuccino).
Cappuccino coffee is made with an espresso machine that uses hot foamed milk with cinnamon
sprinkled on top.
The word “cappuccino” comes from Italy and means a hood, or something that covers the head,
as used to describe the Capuchin friars. The name is derived from the color of the hooded robes
which the friars wore.’
In 1945, man named Achille Gaggia found a way to make an espresso machine. As espressos
were being made, the invention of Cappuccinos shortly followed. Cappuccino wasn’t easily
available in America until the mid-1990s when coffee houses started blooming. As the demand
for cappuccinos grew rapidly, a similar version requiring less production time was sold at fast-
food chains in the early 21st century.
Cappuccino is an intricate drink to make, as one has to deliver the correct amount of milk to
foam and a skilled barista can make artistic designs on top of the espresso coffee.’ Clearly, it is
easy to see why some people make this drink part of their morning routine: the decorative
artwork on top could make anyone feel special.
Furthermore, to make you feel special, we have created Cappuccino Fudge to brighten your
day! It’s made with real cream, butter and of course, coffee. Cappuccino fudge is now on sale at
half-price today through Tuesday November 12 when you call us at 802-897-7300.