Friday, June 21 was the summer solstice bringing a new season, summer.  By late June and early July in Vermont the strawberries are fully ripened, plump and juicy.  I eagerly await to pick the delicious fruit with my girls, Olivia and Savannah. I hope the kids leave more strawberries in their baskets than in their mouths but who can blame them if they don’t? While picking strawberries is fun, eating them is ”funner”.

Historically, strawberries helped name a certain phase of the moon. Centuries ago, the Native American tribe of New England and the Great Lakes, the Algonquins, named the full moon in June as the Strawberry Moon, a fitting name for this time of the year.

Strawberries make a tasty and colorful addition to many recipes for cakes, pies, fruit crisps, jelly/jam and strawberry pudding. You can also just dip strawberries in chocolate or whipped cream, drop a few on top of cereal or yogurt or, like my girls do, directly into your mouth for a delightful simple treat.

Of course, what fudge company could call itself Phenomenal without including the fruit into one of its ingenious flavors?  Strawberry fudge is not on our web site to order but you can give us a phone call at 802-897-7300 to place a special order. It’s the same price as all the other flavors.  Make sure to order Strawberry Fudge, and you too can enjoy it in front of a Full Moon, Half Moon or any time, day or night.

Strawberry image taken by Arthur Rutkowski at