While there seems to be a National Holiday for every day of the year, one can not ignore this holiday. August 7 is quickly upon us as we observe the season’s hand-picked, edible fruit.

As raspberries become popular within the next few weeks, there shouldn’t be a reason to ignore this delicious fruit. National Raspberry Cake Day was celebrated last week and we should continue with the theme as we prepare for Rapberries N’ Cream Day next Wednesday, August 7th.

Phenomenal Fudge keeps up with the holidays and offers flavors one wouldn’t expect. Our Chocolate Raspberry Fudge is a hit loved by many. As all of our fudge is made with Vermont’s finest, cream and butter, one can special order (without extra charge) this flavor without the chocolate if desired.

Being a fruit originating in Europe, the plant grows wild and is loved by many diabetics due to its adequate level of sugar and low content of fats and proteins. Let the truth be known that while raspberries make one hungry, composing this fruit in jam, jelly and drinks and/or eaten off the vine, tend to be the most common ways to incorporate raspberries in one’s diet. Want a new way to avoid wrinkles while making one’s skin radiate amidst a crowd of people: soak your washcloth in raspberry juice before scrubbing your face as one makes their appearance for the day. Being a fruit high in potassium, iron and calcium; raspberries are not only nutritious, but delicious too.