Chocolate Caramel Cookie is May’s Flavor-of-the-Month. First, we mix melted caramel into our regular chocolate fudge. Then we crunch up chocolate fudge-covered Graham Crackers and stir them into the chocolate caramel.  Wow, what a great combination! The cookies come from Keebler.

The best way to serve our fudge tub at a party is to first freeze it and then run hot water over the bottom for 5 seconds. Then remove the fudge by pressing it out of the bottom of the container and  cut it like a pizza. However, if you are by yourself a spoon does just fine too! The chocolate caramel comes from us.

So, it’s the best of both worlds all mixed into one special fudge: Chocolate Caramel Cookie, May’s Flavor-of-the-Month.

Image by S-K from Pixabay