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  • Whatever the special occasion is, say it with some Pzazz and send Phenomenal Fudge in a beautifully designed Sweethearts Fudge Gift Tin. This unique designer tin will last long after that last tasty morsel; a sweet reminder of your thoughtfulness and sweet love! Fill your tin with one pound of any one of our delicious homemade fudge flavors. And when the fudge is gone they can fill the tin with your future cards and letters. 1 lb. Tin
  • One Pound Gold Fudge Gift Tin

    Send a sharp looking Gold Fudge Gift Tin to those whose friendship you value...like gold! Choose one pound of any flavor and tell us what to write on the greeting card, like "Congratulations", "Job Well Done", or "Happy (Golden) Anniversary". Order today and we'll ship it tomorrow with any flavor of your choice. 1 lb. of fudge in a gold tin.
  • Our Christmas Tree One-Pound Fudge Tin design called "Heading Home" is very popular in the fall and winter. It's a cozy way to say "We miss you" or "Merry Christmas". Choose any flavor and we'll send it to your family and friends. And after the fudge is enjoyed the tin is great for brownies, cookies, cards and letters or... buttons!
  • Our Three-Flavor Fudge Tin contains a half-pound each of our three most popular flavors: chocolate, maple walnut and peanut butter fudge. This variety pack is available only in the round gold tin: A golden opportunity to enjoy or send 1.5 pounds of Phenomenal Fudge.
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