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  • If it's a gift, make it look a little more special with our Fudge One-Tub Gift. Let us place your fudge tub in a gift box with green colored crinkle grass. A gold braid wraps the box and your greeting is included. So what’s the big occasion? Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Thank You, Congratulations, Get Well Soon, I love you, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, We miss you, Job well done? Whatever the occasion Phenomenal Fudge will help make your thoughtful gift even more memorable. And remember, every Gift Box is available in our monthly Fudge Club subscription.
  • Our Fudge Two-Tub Gift Box is perfect for pairing flavors that naturally complement each other. For example, pair a chocolate with a peanut butter or combine an Irish Cream with a Chocolate Stout! Both pairings will, of course, be different flavors but fall into the same family. Whatever the occasion you wish to celebrate, our Gift Boxes are very unique. And don't forget, every Gift Pack selection is available in our monthly Fudge Club subscription.
  • For a family of three send a Fudge Three-Tub Gift Box. You choose the flavors you think they will love. Our fudge tubs are easy to share and can be stored for future tastings. Don't forget to include your personal message which we can write on the greeting card! Hint: Every Gift Pack selection is also available in our monthly Fudge Club subscription.
  • Fudge Four-Tub Gift

    Our Fudge Four-Tub Gift can be for a family, group of associates or one very fortunate friend. You pick the flavors to help celebrate the occasion. It's a fun gift to wish a friend a "Happy Birthday", send a "Thank You" or just want to let folks know you are thinking of them. This gift pack will temporarily consist of 2 two-tub gift packs. Remember, all of our Fudge Tub Gifts are available for a monthly Fudge Club Subscription too!
  • The Fudge "Gold Bar" package "says" the one-pound bar of fudge inside is worth its weight in gold. However, the price is far, far less. Choose any flavor - Surprise any friend! The gold box is wrapped in a gold braided band. The presentation looks absolutely gorgeous. Be sure to let us know what message you'd like for us to include on the greeting.
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